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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Mini Chocolate Fondant

Moelleux Fondant au Chocolat
Mini Molten Chocolate Cake, with Milky wafer rolls and rose buds for garnish....ideally served with whipped cream and a cuppa pure devil or Earl Grey/ Lady Grey.
How could he continue to visit Cass without the rich, ripe, dark, deep, zippy, zesty, wicked, wonderful, delicious, delightful, delectable, and even electable (if he could vote), vibrant, vivacious, seductive, addictive, oh-so-very-attractive, nourishing, flourishing, rather ravishing, beautiful, buttery, sometimes bittersweet but never bitter, gorgeous and worth gorging on, berry-ish, cherry-ish, meaty yet fruity, elemental yet complex, mellow yet electric, soothing yet energizing, earthy yet heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth pleasure of chocolate? {source: This Isn't What It Looks Like, Pseudonymous Bosch}
Looks come and go. 
People come and go.
 Jobs come and go. 
Fashion comes and goes.
Money comes and goes. 
Dark chocolate stays...
and understands...
 regardless of circumstances and through the test of space and time!
Please click the below link for irresistibly yummy
Delicious Chocolate Fondant Recipe

Enjoy your Chocolate High! :-)


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