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Tuesday 18 March 2014

Roulades de Jambon aux Enokitake (Ham Wrapped Enokitake)

It's been such a long time since I last cooked meaty menu at home. That doesn't imply... I was a guilty carnivore... or a devoted carnivore who turned out to be a pure vegetarian in the end...There is no moral judgment towards meat and meat eaters' personal value system either.  It's just... I don't feel like...craving meat...that's all. However, with a tendency to get hypotension, it's recommended that I eat meat every once in a while, including the first 10 days' protein-based nutrition (from plant protein & meat protein) of my own health & beauty programme, a plus! Hence, the 10 days of enjoying soybean, mung bean,  mushrooms, (0% fat) yogurt mixed with oat bran, grilled & steamed fish, cooked ham, etc...etc...Spring & Summer are just around the corner! :)
Ham Wrapped Enokitake...
is one of simply delish-protein-infused dishes, by and for Miss Anne:)
You can use any kinds of ham or bacon or mixed...and Enoki mushrooms...Ideally served with Thai sweet chili sauce or Thai seafood sauce or Japanese soy sauce & Wasabi.

Note* If bacon is your preference, grilled or pan fried, it tastes much better with a few drops of lime juice when serving...followed by a cup of Matcha green tea or Thai jasmine-infused Mulberry green tea! hmmm :)

If you do not have time to make it by yourself, then you can buy it at any market with only 15.-Thai Baht/ skewer!!!
However, the joy of making, sharing and savouring it with friends, loved ones and that special someone who is so dear to your heart... is PRICELESS! So, cocktail party in the garden, BBQ by the lake, Full Moon tidbits at the rooftop, Midnight Tapas in the kitchen, etc...etc...with 80's and 90's music like this one (feeling sooo good, listening & dancing with this song regardless of its painful meaning...I just love this kind of beat!) + "dulce beat" chillhouse + sultry smooth jazz chill-out lounge...what would you say? ;) 

{Petites Bouchées}
Pour les fans d' Amuse-Bouches! ...miam miam.... 
: Roulades de Jambon aux Enokitake "แฮมพันเห็ดเข็มทองย่าง" à la sauce sucrée-épicée au piment, parsemée de graines de sésame... oh oui, oh oui! et Je vous offre cette rose d' amitié...
Quel qu'un m'a dit... "L'amitié et l'amour sont les seules choses qui grandissent quand on les partage". Je suis tout à fait d'accord...shhhhhh...mais avec la nourriture (+ le chocolat),...on métamorphose!!! Alors, tais-toi, Ms.Anne! Très bonne semaine à toutes et tous ! x

(serving 3-4)
20 round hams, cut into 3 stripes/piece
2 big packages Enoki mushrooms, washed, trimmed and split into 60 bundles
12 skewers

Easy How to:
  • Onto each ham stripe, position the mushroom bundle in the centre.  Roll up & wrap the ham tightly and secure with skewers (5 rolls per skewer). Grill the ham bundles for 5 minutes, or until the ham is lightly browned. Remove the skewers and serve right away... alone, or with sweet-chili sauce, or Thai seafood sauce. either way, Enjoy! 


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