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Monday 15 July 2013

Romy Schneider - Les Choses de la Vie

A Tribute to Romy Schneider...with ultimate dedication to all Goddesses within us... 
...embodying and empowering the capacity to love, arouse, nurture, nourish, understand, hold space, heal, create, sense, express, care, mother and become selfless in interacting with others... 
I give thanks... to our feminine body, which feels, shields, holds, and houses. 
I give thanks... to our heart, which loves, cheers, embraces, discloses and expands to all things. 
I give thanks... to our mind, which thinks, reasons, contemplates, creates and refines. 
I am grateful... for wisdom, for peace, for mercy, for goodness, for kindness, for love, for passion, for joy, for tenderness, for sensibility, for unity, for truth, and for deliciousness of being sensual feminine beings. 
I give thanks... for the moments of loss, of sorrow, of harshness, of conflict, of ignorance for we have learned many lessons and have been given the utmost patience, strength and empathy. 
I give thanks... to all the joy we have felt, all the fullness we have experienced as well as all beauty and grace we have been given. 
I give thanks... for those heartfelt smiles, belly laughs and tears of joy; full hearts & hiccups; for sparkling eyes & surprises--these precious little things, being our nursing home for pure delight...


  1. One of my most faves, along with Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly...An unforgettable, iconic, gorgeous, luminous, inspiring, classy, complex, multi-layered, sexy, mysterious, amazing actress, with full of charm, liveliness, determination, sensitivity, sensuality, unveiled in her most expressive face. Perfect coupling/chemistry with Alain Delon!!!

  2. I was tearful reading through Alain Delon's love letter to Romy Schneider, upon her funeral. someone says... It is brave for a woman to speak from her heart, but it takes even more courage for a man to do so! The sensitivity of a man is hidden under his serious face & his shirt... 25 years of their togetherness as friends, lovers and fiances...A few years after Romy's death, Aain Delon admitted that she was the love of his life as he carried her photograph in his purse all the time! I couldn't agree more...that their chemistry was really powerful! Alain said the first time he met wasn't like he got hit by the was so natural...full of life and laughter in the air... Bitter-Sweet Love Story!


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