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Sunday 9 February 2014

Thai Butterfly Pea Granita

Granita: This lovely Italian dessert, is ideally served as summertime desserts or between-course palate cleanser with its  signature: punchy ‘n’ fruity flavors and crunchy, finely crushed ice crystals. 
Here, in Thailand, there're varieties of seasonal fruits and flowers, which can be prepared for fruits purée, sorbet and granita, ...and of course, we can all indulge these Italian ice crystals with a touch of "Thainess", all year round. :)
Those little white flowers in the photo, from my little garden, are "Thai Water Jasmine", or "Sacred Buddhist", or "Wondrous Wreightia", or known in Thai as "Dok Mhok- ดอกโมก".
In Thailand, "Mhok" is one of the most popular plants, which can be seen everywhere. It's also one of Buddhist sacred plants, widely planted near and around the temples or homes for its beautiful white flowers with uniquely stunning fragrance. Its white flowers denote "Purity" and "Prosperity". You may have seen Thai spa products, made of Dok Mhok...such as scented Dok Mhok massage oil, scented incense stick and candle. 
Kindly refer to Butterfly Pea Flower Drink, for ingredients.
Then please come back and follow the below easy how-to...ready? :)
  • Pour the syrupy Butterfly Pea drink into a stainless steel container. Freeze for about 30 minutes, or until firm. 
  • Remove from the freezer, using fork to crush the ice crystals. Return to the freezer; Repeat this process several times, until the mixture is sorbet-like and evenly frozen in small crystals. (The mixture can be frozen and scrapped off in crystals when it is served.) 
  • Chill glasses in advance, frost them in the freezer.
  • Scrap the Butterfly Pea Granita into crystals and spoon them into the chilled glasses. 
  • Serve with lime or lemon slices and decorate with butterfly pea flowers. Enjoy!
Proud to be "Thai" :-)
My mind may wander around the globe,
but my heart is forever at "Home"


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