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Friday 14 February 2014

Thai Roselle Gelée & Valentine's Leo Full Moon

Full Moon in Leo on Valentine's Day.
I always have an affinity for Leo...I mean Leo Sun & Moon Signs,
not that popular Thai Beer, labeled "Leo" ;)
I realize that everyone is of course unique...and it makes no sense to generalize people, based just on their Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars signs' personality traits & characteristics.
It's simply because my beloved grandfather: my pillar of strength and life mentor, was born under Leo Sun Sign. I always felt so comfortable in my own skin, in his presence. Regardless of any circumstances, he was always the first person who believed in me, cheered me up and had my back. ...and here I go again! ;) 
Tonight's Leo Moon sparks spontaneity and vitality...
Lose oneself in the spontaneity of the moment. Be innocent and happy as a child! 
Often full moons are compared to chapters in a book; the notion of creating new chapters in our own lives.
It heralds the beginning of a fresh start (for the better) from which we will not be the same again!
For more detailed info. concerning Full Moon in Leo, please visit:
On February 14th, this year, is not only a significant day for lonesome doves and love birds, but also one of the most important Buddhist celebrations which falls on the full moon day of the third lunar month known as "Magha Puja Day". This day is declared as a Thai public holiday so that people from all walks of life can go to the temple to make merit and perform other religious activities in the morning...and to take part in the candlelit procession in the evening , or known in Thai as "Wien Tien", that circumambulates the main chapel three times. In the procession, each person carries flowers, three incense sticks and a lighted candle in remembrance of the Triple Gems (The Buddha, His Teaching and His Disciples).
Note*  "Wien" (v) => to circumambulate and "Tien" (n) => candle...
[...] No one knows the exact origins of St Valentine's Day, so you can claim any of the following: 
a) It comes from an ancient Roman festival to celebrate spring and fertility called Lupercalia. As early as the fourth century B.C., young men left their love to chance, drawing their partners by lot during the Lupercalia festival,  Through the love lottery, a man won a woman's companionship and sexual pleasuring until the next year's drawing. 
b) It was the name of one or more saints of the early Christian church, or 
c) Birds choose their mates on February 14.  
[...] In ancient Rome, February witnessed a fertility festival where, legend has it, all the young women in the city would place their names in a big urn. The city's bachelors would take a lucky dip and be paired for a YEAR with his chosen woman. That was one blind date you really wanted to work out. {Source: The Sun, 2 February 2009} ....Surprise, surprise!...
Nobody likes to wait... Admittedly, we all have to wait for something...whether we like it or not ....We wait for a doctor....for recovery from illness...for a visa, for a dream-trip... for a job interview...for traffic jam...for a get-together with friends...for Saturday night movies...for first date...for love & romance... etc...etc... The higher the value we put on something, the longer we are willing to endure, wait and look forward to it. Waiting (in the right way) could make us a more patient person, improve our decision-making skills and help us see things crystal clear as they really are. We'll never know if we're making the right choices in life out of solitude or love, until we can get in touch with our inner feelings, while experiencing the comfort of being quietly alone.
Do not be afraid of solitude. It is in silence & stillness that we "Feel" & "Tune in" to more of our life essence... what we really value in life... what we ache and live for...what we cannot go a day without...for instance...and "Hear" the truth.
Learning to befriend and listen to our own silence helps us relate to others'...and gives us the gift of "letting go of control", more specifically, letting go of trying to control what we cannot control-namely anyone or anything other than ourselves...The more we learn to exercise letting go of "control" as well as giving up our same old same old defensive patterns, tempted by "emotional trigger", the more we are receptive and permeable ----> which ultimately leads to "inner peace".
Sometimes, just letting there be vacuum between words...breathing...turning to the other person...feeling/touching their presence...looking into their eyes...smiling...embracing each other's physical presence in silence...because sometimes-often, in fact- Nothing is the thing to say...
{credit: Fans of Retro FB page}
We learn what we like by both unconsciously and consciously observing our own behaviour, similar to how we learn about others by observing how they act and react. These observations are important as they allow us to see the situations with the pros and cons on both sides, help us develop key facets to our own personality in a more mature & balanced level... strengthen our own personal development & goals... plus with more playful eyes, creative mind and grateful heart to life.

Love is in the air... Someone may not agree and say "false"...Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide are in the air! ;) 
Sometimes, love is shown in the things we don't say and don't notice. Love may arrive when it is least expected; love may also come in many surprising packages and cannot be determined only by the pop images of love, nicknamed "surface appearance or looks". Sometimes, we move so fast...we pass right by opportunities... never noticing that they were there. Often, we pass an opportunity by just because it doesn't appear the way we think it should. So let us embrace every moment, pay a little more attention....Relax...and give it a chance to catch up with us.....
Don't worry...don't over-thinking....don't try to understand it all at once - Let every moment be... Let the pieces of the puzzle put themselves together until everything is clear. There is nothing to hide and nothing to expose, all will be revealed in the precise time with a little patience...
As written in John Steinbeck's 1958-Letter to his teenager son who fell in love in boarding school...
"And don't worry about losing. If it's right, it happens--The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away."
Meanwhile, Take good care of our body, heart and soul in the best ways that we possibly can. Keep ourselves healthy 'n' happy-on all levels from the physical to the mental to the spiritual. Enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. And when unexpected opportunity & surprises, knock on our doors, do sit them down, make them a cuppa tea s/w homey chocolate desserts and if time allows, invite them for lunch or dinner! :)

The heart is happy and willing to plant seeds, regardless of the storms and rains of testing, if given enough possibilities to produce a mature harvest before the fruits of love can spring. There would need to be some of the spice of romance (so called "chemistry" or "attraction") somewhere, no matter where we begin, but romance is only that--the spice, not the main course. The main course, the real nourishment is trust and intimacy (connection), bound by shared goals, shared values, mutual interests, affection, admiration, respect,  steadfastness,....etc...etc...
CyranoA kiss, what is it, after all?
The simple witness to a love's will,
The seal that makes a promise ratified,
The longing-to-be-home half-gratified,
An unheard secret whispered to the mouth,
Coming upon the heart like the sweet south,
A claim, a gift, nature's communion-cup--
(Cyrano de Bergerac (play), by Edmond Rostand)
Intimacy needs space and time to grow. It implies... being present, in both conversation and in see and be seen, to know and be known, to accept and be accepted, to appreciate and be appreciated for who we truly are. We can also develop intimacy with ourselves in the same ways it works for the others: be honest with ourselves, communicate clearly with ourselves, and give enough space and time to be with ourselves.
And after the main course: the dessertsà chacun ses goûts :) To me, it can be various, ranking from chocolate, laughter, learning/discovering new things, etc...etc... to... trips to the Moon and back...! ;) Attached is a link with regard to traits of healthy relationships, by Jim Rohn, one of my fav. biz. & life mentors of our time:
...Valentine’s Day is not just for romance. The advertising industry has used this day of to sell flowers, chocolate,  and jewelry. Growing up Valentine’s Day was a day where we gave and received from everyone in my class a Valentine. You were to demonstrate Love for Everyone. Our love for humanity can be celebrated. We are all connected. We are All One. Every day needs to be a day we show our love for each other and not just on Valentine’s Day. --Kelley Rosano

"Two Things we'll never have to chase
True Friends & True Love."
--M. Hale
One of my favourite Love Songs of all time: 
"Always & Forever"
...I feel so relaxed... :)

Romantic Snow Globes by
"Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good, how beautiful, how abundant things/we are here and now, without changing a thing...It is here when it is, and not when it's not...but it can be practiced...and that we can decide to be happy, to give joy before waiting to receive it...Our deciding to be joyful demonstrates our willingness to relinquish the petty and negative preoccupations that stand in its way. When we give these up, a more happy and joyful life has a chance to emerge..." --Marianne Williamson {A Woman's Worth}
And to wish you Happy Valentine's...filled with Joy & Happiness, surrounded by your loved ones.... 
with my homely heart-made Thai Roselle Gelée or Gelée de bissap (fleurs d'hibiscus)...dressed-up in romantic shabby vintage look...with simple materials e.g. doily papers, burlap string, reused parcel box + revamped Victorian Valentine's sticker... available in the house!  Note* You can use agar agar or gelatin powder in lieu of fruit pectin, if not available.
Kindly visit the below link for ingredients and method:


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