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Sunday 27 April 2014

Local Thai Ice Pop & Get Lucky

My locally nostalgic ice-pop 
@5.-Baht/stick, made of fresh ingredients (free from artificial coloring agents & preservatives) e.g. pandan, sweet corn, coconut cream, sala syrup with milk, durian, etc... available in my province, Phang Nga...
There is another version of local ice-pop a.k.a " i-tim-tud" or "i-tim sabu", literally translated as "soap ice-pop"... (Note* "i-tim" is ice-cream, "tud" means cut and "sabu" is soap, in Thai) 

Q: Why is it called soap ice-pop?
A: Because it comes in boxes 'n' long blocks (equivalent to the sizes of 2 bars of red bricks) with parchment paper cover...(just like "Potong" ice-cream, in Malaysia and Singapore)
Potong" means “cut” in Malay, referring to rectangular popsicles that are cut into portions from a bigger block...sold by hawkers from pushcarts.
Potong is made of coconut milk, skimmed milk, corn starch and sugar as basic ingredients, with exotic flavours such as yam, durian, sweet corn and the most popular, red be served either between wafers or rolled up in white bread.
{source: remembering Potong Ice-cream --Makansutra}
Then the ice-cream vendors will dig those boxes/blocks out of their portable carts...using a butcher knife to slice right through it...(so you'll get an ice-cream bar, which looks exactly like a bar of soap!) 
A bamboo skewer or a skewer made from the midribs of coconut leaf will be inserted in centre of ice-cream as final process. It costs only 10.-Baht/bar!!!!
"This ice-pop is too hot for sub-zero temperature here in Thailand, darling! It will burn your hand if you hold it for too long!"
Well, I'd better listen more often to that nagging little feeling that says it is long past time I had some fun...that's my inner child speaking--well, yelling, perhaps! ;) ...It feels good to let the child in me come out and play from time to time...

<<Just how long has it been since you indulged in a big helping of your favorite guilty pleasure, Anne? .. Even grownups are entitled to indulge in the pleasure of youth from time to time, aren't they? >>
Inside each of us lives a child, appreciative of life,
and curious towards change. One who trusts fully,
loves fearlessly, and is able to show emotions,
both good and bad. Happiness can be found here.
Choose to let this child live each and every day.
~Doe Zantamata
Life is meant to contain equal amount of fun and enjoyment.
All relationships benefit from a bit of devilish, positive, mischievous, playful and fun approach.
We don't have to be a grown-up and take life too seriously too much of the time.
Come to life again and be light in the heart & mind.
Let's have a permission to let the good times roll.
Let's give ourselves a permission to be fully alive,
to fall in love with ourselves,
to feel everything...


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