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Thursday 5 July 2012

Green Tea Latte Panna Cotta

I love to order iced green tea latte with milk pudding whenever I stop by 'Amazon Cafe'. I love its refreshing and lightly sweet & feel good aroma. In the past few months, I tried to make my own iced green tea latte, but the taste and aroma could not be compared to the one I fall for at Cafe Amazon...with a big question mark left unanswered in my restless mind: "What's the difference between normal green tea and Cafe Amazon's green tea?". Then one day, I unexpectedly learned from a friend of mine that, for green tea with milk, "Number One Brand" Thai tea is very popular and best selected among drinkers. So without any hesitation, I ordered one bag of Milk Green Tea...and the story between us has begun ever since;-P I finally found what had been left unanswered:-)
Founded in 1945, the brand has been enjoyed by young and old from generation to generation. Its taste and aroma stays nostalgically in the mind of its drinkers whether they are in Thailand or abroad.
Sharing is always great!
Individual serving with extra whipped cream topping:-) 
Ingredients for Green Tea Latte:
200 ml milk
200 ml cereal milk or evaporated milk
100 ml green tea drink
(1 tablespoon of green tea, dissolved in boiling water
for 4-5 minutes and drained with a strainer)
1,1/2 tablespoons gelatine powder
2 tablespoons condensed milk
1 tablespoon sugar
For extra Latte:
100 ml milk
100 ml cereal milk or whipping cream
1,1/2 teaspoons gelatine powder
2 teaspoons sugar
a pinch of salt
Please refer to "Panna Cotta Caffe e Latte" for the same "how to":-)
Thank You & Enjoy!
hmmmmmmm! what can I say more ...:-)


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