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Wednesday 27 August 2014

#TakuapaMyHome Photography Exhibition

Photo taken by Jai Wongkittiwimol for #TakuapaMyHome
Photo taken by Tanadol Tom Sungthong
Photo taken by Jai Wongkittiwimol
Photo taken by Jai Wongkittiwimol

Dear Friends & supporters,

You are cordially welcome/invited to be our host & hostess for the forthcoming#TakuapaMyHome Photography Exhibition, which will be held in Takuapa Old Town between September 27th - October 2nd, 2014 (Vegetarian Festival)...with following steps:

1. Take pictures (B&W) in Takuapa 
2. Post your pictures on Facebook with hashtag #TakuapaMyHome
3. Your pictures will be presented as a part of the exhibition

1. Kindly be noted that I am not the exhibition committee, nor the fund raising team. (who apparently worked behind the scene and... deserved all the credit, accordingly). 

The main objective of the exhibition is to promote Takuapa' s charm with a linkage to its glorious past, for being one of major seaports for the maritime spice trade... Geologically situated at the heart of one of the world's richest tin deposits, Takuapa, has also long been known as the "Tin capital" of the country for over a century. 
(The public library at Takuapa town has photographs on display of the dredging and sluicing operations of the mining heyday in the 1920s and 1930s.)

Photo taken by Nopparit Morasut for #TakuapaMyHome
The exhibition is not-for-the-profit event in collaboration with local youth volunteer association, local and private organizations alongside community contribution. I only translated the original Thai message into English and passed it on to wider audience...

2. Attached (below) is one of my (homey) collections, taken a few years ago...(as example)...
Ahem ahem...I know that I'm just a toddler in this field  And of course, there will be more collections, taken by leading Thai photographers, exclusively for the exhibition.
So...please feel free to join us or come visit our peaceful old town and experience "old school feelings" by yourself...(and/or) with your loved ones...(make yourself at "HOME")...

Thank you for your kind attention. We look forward to meeting & greeting you there!
Thank you & Enjoy!
here below is another link, dedicated to my hometown with love & fond memories...
by me.
Takuapa My Home - Yesterday When I was Young


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