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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Khaolak Pizza, Pasta & Steak Restaurant

Today, it is my distinctive pleasure to introduce you to a cozy restaurant in Khaolak, located approximately 150 kms North of Phuket, where I and my lovely friends had our get-together's treat some times ago. The restaurant was founded a couple years ago, by a Thai couple who had accumulated their food & beverages' experience , in leading hotels for over 10 years. When we arrived there, we saw many open-air tables, occupied by 100% "Farang" tourists. Note* Farang in Thai means Western People.
Apparently, we should be considered as "foreigners" instead, as for being the only Thai guests in the house and that our choice was indoor seating:-) The restaurant owners greeted us with smiles while handing to us a couple of illustrative food dictionaries so that we could linger over the menu  before making up our mind to order, at last! (the challenge: we wanted to try everything!) Our order was mainly justified to fit the size of stomach :-) Moderation is not included in our gourmand's terms & conditions, plus appendixes;-) as we, three, were swept away by scrumptious comestibles, presenting right in front of us!... well...well...well...
If you're ready, please loosen your seat belt and  follow me, then:-) 
Crispy Crunch Shrimp Fritters Salad (60.-THB) 
Seafood Salad with Thousand Island dressing

Delectable Farfalle* (Bow-tie pasta) with
Mushroom cream sauce & Spinach (60.-THB)

   Pizza  with Bell Peppers & Salami 
Note* very thin-crust pizza dough
yet mostly soft in the middle with toppings & extra Mozzarella  

a friend's dish, well worth a slurp:
Beetroot Ravioli with Spinach
Of course, there's always a room to be filled with 
the restaurant's top-rated-dessert, before crawling & rolling back home! 

Luscious Banana Fritters topped with
Chocolate Sauce, served with Rainbow scoop (60.-THB)
Special Thanks go all the way to a lovely bro', Thitinai Pongpiriyakit,
for stocks of mouthwatering pictures, posted here!


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