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Tuesday 26 June 2012

Fried Karaage Chicken, wrapped in Pandan leaves

My Today's challenge: frozen boneless chicken + remaining pandan leaves + left-over carrot ? Then I remembered that I had found a good recipe from the internet a few days ago...that would fit right in:-) 
I reduced the measurement of ingredients, for 1-2 person(s) only.
Kindly refer to the following link for Karaage-Japanese Fried Chicken Recipe, accordingly:  
After the marinade process, I wrapped the chicken firmly in Pandan order that the chicken would not be loosened once frying. It was not an easy task for me at all as either the leaf could be torn apart or the chicken could fly away upon wrapping:-) I had to put all my focus and gently wrapped it one by one....prior to frying process...No matter how hard it might be, I eventually did it! :-)

My late brunch: Karaage Fried Chicken with
sweet & spicy chili sauce and Ginger-soy sauce,
served with "Som Tum Carrot", shredded carrot (mild spicy) salad
and cherry tomatoes, Thai style:-)


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