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Friday 13 September 2013

Nutella-Peanut Butter-Marble Fudge Bark

Nutella+Dark Chocolate+Peanut Butter+Roasted Almond
I have been Nutella-infused for several days now, 
swept away by mind blowing chocolate sweets, 
like a mad scientist, discovering his "Σ!", Eureka!!! 
Well, I have 2 Σs!! :) 
They are a bit brittle on the surface yet with soft fudge inside before refrigerating.
I love Julia Child's saying "Find something you're passionate about, and stay tremendously interested in it!" Chocolate & Love make me wake up in the morning with a sense of purpose and a flow of creative ideas...Chocolate & Love don't just happen; they have to be generated with actions because actions programme the heart...and tummy!;) Chocolate & Love make my heart sing in the kitchen and in my morning shower..."Wait a minute, dear"...Auntie A interrupted..."Don't  sing in the shower... Singing leads to dancing, Dancing leads to slipping and slipping leads to paramedics, neighbours and every freaking Tom, Dick and Harry seeing you butt-naked!" !!!  So what now...auntie?
My babies become extra crunchy and nutty after I left them in the fridge overnight!
They're too hard to please, aren't they? I feel terribly sorry for their poor mama!;)
Please visit the following site for various recipes of Bark, Brittle and Fudge...Good ones!!!!
The ones I made are sort of all-in-one: Bark-Brittle-Fudge with chocolate marble design, 
to my heart's content!:)


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